Social Anxiety - 3 Tips to Lower your Fear 

Many people with social anxiety are stuck at where to begin overcoming their issues. This article will show you three - easy to use - tips ythat could put a big dent in your social fears.

Social Anxiety affect 3 main areas 

Learning quick and useful tips or techniques will give you control to start overcoming your social anxiety.  

The main areas where you will have control are YOUR

  • thoughts
  • emotions 
  • behaviors

Managing your social anxiety from these three areas - at the same time - should have a compounding effect on the results you get.  Start by focusing on the area that you have the most difficulty with now, and then progress on to the others.

1. Learn to Manage your Thoughts

Your thoughts and how you manage them can have a substantial impact.

  • If you have time, look into cognitive behavioral therapy for a complete set of tools on managing your thoughts. 

  • If you just want to try some quick techniques out right now, then keep reading this article.

  • One way to lower your anxious thoughts is to accept them. It sound like a contradiction, but it is not.  Once you fully accept yourself, even down to your anxiously flawed and skewed thoughts you might feel a lot less inferior to others.   Once we accept ourselves we cannot reject or criticize outselves.  If you have thoughts or feelings of inadequacy or inferiority often, then it usually just comes down to accepting yourself and then working towards a better future at the same time.

  • When you find yourself thinking a lot, notice your thoughts.  Thoughts can be a bit like someone showing off - they want you to notice them or pay attention. Most socially anxious people are overwhelmed by automatic negative thoughts (ANTs), which makes them stuck inside their head. Try to change your outlook from an internal one to an external one.  Try to slow down your anxious thoughts by switching your focus to your external environment.  This should ease your anxiety. 

  • Perhaps focus on your 5 senses to ease your anxiety.  Look for things, Listen for sounds, Identify some smells and tastes or try to touch something.  This should change your internal process to an external one.

2. Manage your Emotions

If you have social anxiety, common emotions include feeling lonely, sad and depressed. Sadly, these are the exact types of emotions that often interfere detrimentally with current or potential friendships or relationships. People don't like to be around people who are sad and depressed all the time.

This second tip could help you feel happy and fun to be around with.  You might not feel you can manage it long enough at first, so perhaps strive for it to be just long enough so you can have some time to spend with current or potential friends or family.

  • Try smiling. The mere act of smiling actually releases chemicals in the brain that start to release endorphins or happy hormones. 

If you don't believe me, try it NOW to see which way makes you feel happiest

  • First, sit slouched over and looking bored

  • NOW sit straight up with a huge smile on your face

3. Manage your Behaviour

This third tip might make the most lasting changes to your level of social anxiety.

Here it is: face your fears directly.

This advice might sound impractical if you tend to be socially anxious.  But you won't start with your biggest fear first.  You need to start with small fears and build your way up. 

When you are out and about next time, perhaps attempt to make and hold eye contact with three people.  Gradually work towards your bigger social fears.

If you want to learn more ways of coping with social anxiety, click on this blog article about curing social anxiety.

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