How Online Counselling Can Support You

Online Counselling is just a click away.  It is the ideal support if you are time poor or are restricted due to other commitments or feelings of embarrassment, fear or anxiety to visit a face to face counsellor during regular day time hours.  Some clients might even be worried if they see their face-to-face counsellor in the street locally.  In that respect online counselling is ideal as your therapist could very likely be on the other side of the country or even  abroad.  So there is little chance of bumping into your therapist at the local supermarket.

Benefits of Online Counselling

Online counselling has several benefits over seeing your therapist locally, such as:

  • Lower Costs - Online counselling fees are lower than Face-to-Face fees as there is no need for the therapist to include overhead expenses such as room/venue hire, receptionists’ duties, waiting room access, mileage and travelling time costs. 
  • Convenience of Saving Time - There is no rushing through traffic to get to your appointment on time as there is no need to travel to the counsellor’s place of work.  From the convenience of your own privacy – any place in the world - you can chat to a professionally accredited or licenced counsellor.  All you need is access to a computer, tablet or mobile phone with internet access and a quiet, confidential space.  
  • Anonymity - Receiving online counselling is anonymous as you could even use a nick name to make yourself less identifiable.  So any worries about your secrets that you want to keep hidden from other people or feelings of shame, guilt or blame can be explored safely and confidentially from the privacy of your own chosen safe space.

  • Privacy - Due to the nature of counselling it can bring up memories from your past which could make you feel sad or upset.  When you are out seeing a counsellor in public you may need time to compose yourself before you feel safe to drive back home and face the traffic or feel like you are able to face other people.  But with online counselling you are immediately back in the priyour own safety environment as soon as the online therapy session has ended. 

  • Convenience of Access to Counselling Experts - Problems of long waiting lists and the inability to find a local face-to-face counsellor that is qualified to your particular need have been overcome by the convenience of expert online counselling with accredited or licenced online therapists. 

Online Counselling vs "letting steam off" on Social Media

Ideally you would able to speak to someone in confidence, no matter what time of the day or night when you are in the midst of a crisis.  But in reality you may have to wait until your Doctor Surgery opens the next day or for a counsellor to offer an appointment which might be a week (or even longer) wait away. 

As most of us “live our lives” on our social media accounts or in online forums it becomes ever more inviting to discuss or display our personal lives on there in detail.  It might also be tempting to "let off steam" by expressing on social media or in an online forum how you are feeling because you need someone right there and then to chat to about your feelings.  

Confiding in online forum participants with similar experiences could be helpful in the general sense of the word.   But believing or hoping they might provide answers to your questions or by following advice from forum participants, could also be harmful.  While some people may have a similar symptoms their underlying causes may be different.  We are all individuals.  What is true for someone else might not be true for you. 

Discussing your private life on forums or social media will also be seen by lots of other people and might even be broadcasted inadvertently or deliberately which could lead to cyber-bullying.  Or people might judge you or write derogatory or negative comments which could make you feel even worse or lead to cyber-bullying.  These are some of the potential dangers of expressing our inner-most feelings to the wrong audience. 

Online Counselling vs Talking to Family or Friends

You, your family, your friends (including people on forums) might have mutual expectations of each other.  This could make it difficult for you to really express what you are going through and you may hold back to say what you want to for fear that your true response might upset them.  Or on the other hand, you might get upset or angry and say something that others might construe as offensive .... leading to drama and more upset feelings without professional support.

Reputable Online Counselling Organisations

If you prefer online as opposed to face to face local counselling it is much safer to go directly to a qualified and experienced online professional organisation where you can choose to speak to someone with expertise in your particular dilemma or problem.  For these professionals your problem would never be too small, too big, too awkward or too difficult.  Professional Online Counsellors and Online Therapists would never judge you and whatever you discuss with them would be treated securely and confidentially because they have integrity and are also required to do so by law.  For more information visit Betterhelp and who are two very popular online counselling organisations; which although it may sound only serve clients in the United States, they also have plenty very happy clients in the United Kingdom.

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