Frequently Asked Questions 

How to make an appointment?

It can be nerve-wrecking to make that first contact with a counsellor.  There are several ways you can contact me. 

  • If you prefer writing to me you can enquire via the Contact Page and complete the webform.  Alternatively, you could use the phone number on this contact page and text me a message.

  • If you prefer to speak to me on the phone you can ring the number on the contact page.  Please note that my phone is on silent when I am in sessions.  If you get my voicemail, please (1) leave a message, (2) your name, (3) phone number and (4) a convenient time for me to call you back.  I shall then return your call when it is convenient for you.

  • Alternatively, if you are sure that you want to book a session, feel free to book a session via my online shop.

Bookings are by appointment only.  Please contact me in one of the abovementioned ways.

Session Cost

  • Book your FREE 15 minute phone call NOW.

  • Subsequent sessions are £45 per 50 minute counselling session and 10 minutes to record session notes.  Cost is the same regardless of the type of counselling.  

Types of Counselling

  • In-person counselling at GP surgeries or Community Centres in Bridgwater, Somerset, UK

  • Online Video, Audio or Chat Counselling via Zoom

  • Online Email Counselling via ProtonMail

Where does the Counselling take place?

Full address details to be disclosed on booking.  Please see above how to book sessions.  Please do not contact the venues below.



Appointment Days/Times

  • In-person counselling in Bridgwater: between 08:00 - 13:00 Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays

  • Online Counselling: varied and flexible during the weekdays, evenings and evenings.
  • Availability to be confirmed on enquiry.  Please contact me to enquire.

How many sessions should I book?

I work on short-term and long-term basis.  Sometimes it is enough for some people just to get something off their chests, whereas other people like to work and explore on issues in a deeper way.  

It can take a while for some people to build trust before they really open up to talk, whereas other people will open up in their first session.  So it is difficult to put a limit on sessions and counselling can never be rushed if you explore complex or traumatic issues.  We will have regular reviews to keep track of your outcomes or goals that you wanted to achieve.

Any Other Questions?

If I have not clarified any of your questions, please get in touch with me.

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