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Supporting you through your anxiety and stress

Hello and welcome to my website.  My name is Henriette O' Bryan.   I am an Integrative Psychotherapeutic Counsellor and Member of the National Counselling Society (MNCS) providing confidential counselling at GP Surgeries and Community Centres in the Bridgwater, Somerset area.  As part of my aim to help people manage anxiety and stress I also offer Tai Chi Qigong classes at community centres/village halls in the Bridgwater, Somerset area.  

I am eager to use my holistic, mental wellbeing and physical wellbeing skills to support anxious and stressed adults to feel empowered in their lives again.  Read more about my qualifications and how I can help.  In the short term mild anxiety and stress can cause interruptions and discomforts in our lives, but in the long term these can have detrimental effects on our emotional, physical, psychological and spiritual health.  I am ready to support you to reverse this damaging effect on your life. 

How Anxiety & Stress Management Help With:

Work Pressures

Anxiety and stress levels hightened when running against the clock

Our jobs give us fulfilment, status and money, but often this is accompanied by pressures such as huge workloads, lunch at our desks or in our cars, difficult colleagues, noisy open plan offices, strong fluorescent lights, icy-cold or overheated air conditioned controlled environments, overbooked diaries and endless places to travel to.  

Millions of working days are lost yearly due to employees suffering from stress and anxiety with enormous costs to employers.  A quick Google search found over 27 million results dedicated to statistics of absence due to anxiety and stress.  Stress and anxiety are on the increase at all levels of the working industry including business, educational, care and health sectors.  Or perhaps you have come to a stage in your life where you feel you are in the wrong job, but cannot change it due to financial pressures.  

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Personal pressures to juggle things

Personal pressures to juggle all the things in your life.

At times - when you feel there just aren't enough hours in the day to do the things you need to - you could be in danger of putting yourself under so much pressure that it affects your own self-care.  I like to use the analogy of the health and safety procedure before a flight takes place whereby you are warned to put your own oxygen mask on first before you put a child or other vulnerable person's mask on.  Self-care works the same way ... you need to look after yourself first, before you look after others for whom have responsibility.  If you do not look after your self first, your capacity or capabilities to look after others might be compromised ... and then ... what would they do without you?

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Feeling anxious in social situations

Anxious in social situations

Perhaps you think you have a quiet and shy personality which predisposes you to not look others in the eye or withdraw to the background at social gatherings.  You might be more comfortable watching others rather than being the centre of attention or "joining in".  Others might think you are unfriendly, embarrassed, insecure, snobbish or disinterested. But for some people their discomfort and fear of social interactions is so vast it is known as Social Anxiety.  

Often Social Anxiety relates to a fear of being judged, criticised, evaluated, teased, bullied or discriminated against for being different in any way, especially if we feel the other person has more authority or importance than us.  This can happen when meeting others for the first time, or when having to speak, eat, write or perform other tasks in front of others.  Social anxiety can cripple your life and stop you doing the things you love to do.  It may have even escalated into not leaving your home unless accompanied by a specific trusted person or not leaving your home at all.  

However, on the other hand you might be a natural leader with an outgoing personality who also finds social interactions stressful when for example others instruct you or tell you what to do as you are not a natural follower.

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Transitional life changes

Additional pressure can come from changes in life such as having children, children moving out, divorce, bereavement, menopause, retirement, forced retirement due to illness or injury, chronic pain or becoming a carer for older parents.  Any such events may affect your mood, anxiety and sleep patterns.  Life changes may be accompanied by separation anxiety from our children or loved ones when they physically move elsewhere or die.  

It is not uncommon for our self-esteem and confidence to be affected when we suddenly loose a role which we identified with whether it be father, mother, carer, son, daughter, grandparent, husband, wife, girlfriend, boyfriend, specific job role at work etc.  Transitional changes can often make us question our purpose in life or next direction to go into.  Somerset Counselling Therapy can support you through the anxiety and stress of your life transition.

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Expectations of others

We are pressured at all times to conform to society according to our cultural and social upbringing.  When we do things differently we become anxious and stressed which result in fear that we might not live up to others' expectations.  Although - as adults - we are not usually criticised by other people; often we become self-critical of ourselves telling ourselves that we shouldn't have done something or ought to have done something else.  If you are tired and exhausted of pleasing other people and living up to their expectations Somerset Counselling Therapy can be one way to explore the patterns of these experiences.

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